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Austin Hayes - Yakima Washington Realtor

Austin HayesCongratulations, you’ve reached Austin Hayes your trusted expert in Real Estate. I know, it sounds really self serving. Believe it or not,  this is the very first line of my voicemail greeting, and for good reason. Most of my clients will never hear this greeting! 

From helping a buyer navigate a new home purchase to helping homeowners sell their largest assets. Being a real estate broker is no longer about sales. It’s about client satisfaction, knowledge, and above all communication. 

Making sure a client is satisfied with their purchase or sale is mutually beneficial for both client and a brokers. At Lions Realty Group we fully understand the importance of a client who gets exactly what they are wanting in a real estate transaction, not only does it build a great relationship during a transaction but also builds a fortifiable relationship for future business. We are all about the long haul and whether it be now or 20 years into the future, myself and Lions Realty Group will be there for all your real estate knowledge. 

It is the question I receive all the time. “What is the market doing?” The answer ,”the market is always shifting.” One thing I can say for certain, what the market was like last month, is not what the market is, this month. There are way to many factors. At Lions Realty Group we are up to date on current trends. Interest rates, supply/demand rations, average days on market… the list goes on and on. Just know, the market is always shifting and it is a consistent continued education every day. Although there is a lot of continued education for someone to sift through, they need not worry, I myself and other members Lions Realty Group we will always communicate how the market is moving and how it could effect our clients real estate needs.

“Communication is the only thing in this market we can 100% control.” That statement will always be true.  We at Lions Realty Group pride ourselves and communicating with our clients. Be that good bad or ugly we want to make sure our clients know their real estate transaction every step of the way. 

From helping first time home buyers find their first love to ensuring the easy transfer of multi unit portfolio, we have transformed this business into the highest form of service industry. What was once a sales industry has now become the backbone of the economy and with great pride we strive at being your advocate and your greatest asset in the real estate industry. 

So congratulations you have reached Austin Hayes with Lions Realty Group your trusted experts in real estate. How can we help you?

Thank you for reading this blog. If you or friends and family are looking to buy or sell real estate and looking for a realtor in Yakima or Kittitas county feel free to reach out at any time. 

Austin Hayes


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